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Update In The Shop


Per request, I have made an update to the shop. When viewing kits, there should be a large preview image below the kit description that you can click on to view bigger. All kits should look like this:

In updating the shop, I also updated the links to kits here in the blog, since the urls for the kits change when I update them (this only happens after the first 'edit' for each kit, thankfully). It took a few hrs., but at least now the previews can be seen bigger. 

The only downfall to this is the platform designers had changed the shop as well & didn't let us know that the mini-preview pic can be right-clicked to open in a new window to view in a larger size.  BUT! even if I had known that and posted a blog here about it, non-members who purchase my kits wouldn't know that, unless they read every blog entry that I post here.  So, it's all good. 

And going forward, I'll probably just keep adding that second kit preview in the descriptions of the kits.

Thank you for reading. 

Working On The FAQ...Working On The FAQ...

Hi, ho, cherry oh, I've been working on the FAQ! 

Oh. Hi there! 

I've been working on the FAQ and have a few new pages added just for you- my beloved site members. 

First of all, I made categories in the FAQ to cover the blog. You can find those categories by clicking Site Blog on the main FAQ page. Or, you can click the link I just created in this post in the previous sentence. 

The first page you should look at is the Site Blog Quick FAQ. This page should answer a few questions you might have about the blog & give you some useful information if you should choose to ever add a blog post here. 

The next page you'll want to check out is Posting On The Blog Part 1. This page is your guide on posting on the this blog, if you choose to do so. This area covers the basic of posting- which is mainly typing/ text posts.

The last page of this FAQ is Posting On The Blog Part 2, which explains how to add an image in your blog post as well as adding a link or links to you post. It also has a few tips on some of the commands that show up when posting a blog & what they are/ how they're used. 

In both Blog posting tutorials, I've included screen shots with my handy dandy helper- Name Without A Face.
*BTW- NWAF is my backup account just for the purpose of helping creating FAQs, etc. That account really doesn't say much. It just does what it needs to do. 

So, if you were wanting to share posts on the blog here, you should have the tools/ help to do so by checking out that area of the FAQ. I hope this will be helpful to all of you.

I will be adding more pages in the FAQ as well as updating some of the older pages as well in the coming days/ as time allows. I will update you all of those changes through this blog as I work on that area. 

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will do my best to help you. 

Thank you for reading. 

New Updates...And Stuffs...

I promise this post won't be too long...or too boring.  Maybe.

There's just a few new things I've done in the forum I thought I'd share with you all. There's now an area called 'Public Works' (for lack of a better name at the present time- I'm sure one will come to me).

This area is for the public/ non-members to visit. I've set this area up for anyone who would like to share their FTU kits, cluster frames, post tutorials, etc. The boards I have in there as follows:

Creative Advertising- This is a spot to advertise your kits- FTU or PTU, freebies, tutorials, etc. 

Freebies For You- This is a spot to post any of your own freebies you'd like to share. They must be your freebies, though.

Magik's Tutorials- I move my re-posted tutorial posts here.

Member Tutorials- This is a spot to post any of your own tutorials you'd like to share- PTU or FTU. 

I do ask that you read the sticky little post I have in each board before you post in them. Currently, I do not have a sticky post for the Creative Advertising board. 

I set this area up not for myself (since my freebies I post here on my blog), but for all of you to use, maybe drive traffic to your blog or to use simply if you don't have a blog. 

The one thing about these boards that I think (hope) you might like is, if you are posting freebies, tuts, etc. that you are worried about the wrong people seeing, chances are they'll be a bit safer posted here- Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd... if an issue arises, I can always change the level of a board to close off access to the public. 

Anyway, this is an option/ tool for any of you to utilize as you wish. If there's a need for any other boards for that area, let me know.

Thank you for reading. 

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The shop here has a NO REFUND Policy.
If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other), you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase.
Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer. I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

If there is an issue with a kit download, etc., please email me at [email protected] 
Thank you.

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*Please note: Artisitc Tag Passions is the only forum that I also grant permission for them to use any of my PTU kits as a gift or prize for up to 3 members per kit. 

The ATP forum is the only forum that may also receive previous/ retired PTU kits for freebies for their forum members ONLY.

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