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Greetings & good evening. 

First of all, I know this site isn't perfect. I don't think any site, or online shop is. There's bound to be quirks & hiccups sometimes.  This site isn't any different. 

Every time I add a kit to my shop, I double & triple check that the downloads are there. Many times I also buy my own kits to make sure everything is working as it should & if there is an issue, I look for the problem & fix it.  Sometimes it is a glitch when I add the kit & I just need to reupload the kit... other times it is simply a hiccup through the platform, internet connection or stuff of that sort.  I have had my fair share of buying CU scripts, kits, etc & have had it happen to me.

Occasionally- for who knows what reason- a glitch or hiccup happens when purchasing a kit- sometimes it's on my end through the server this site is on (which I can't control since I'm not the platform developer), sometimes it's on your end- a small interruption that isn't noticed in your connection to the internet. When those little glitches or hiccups happen, it might screw up you getting your download if you purchase a kit.  However....

If you buy a kit &- for some reason- the download link isn't showing up, PLEASE, please just email me at [email protected] to let me know. I have this stated through-out the site here, as well as in the information of the descriptions of each & every kit. I cannot stress this enough. 

There's 2 reason's I ask you to do this: #1- I will send the kit to you- so you are guaranteed to get your kit no matter what & I always send my newest kit along as a freebie for the headache involved.   I do my best & pride myself & making things right with anyone who buys a kit from me & has an issue. What kind of person would I be if I didn't? And #2- you letting me know you had an issue allows me to go back & see what the issue is & see if it is something that needs fixed. 

Well, unfortunately, a person bought a kit from me & instead of emailing me, she did a refund/ chargeback on the kit which has screwed up the paypal account.  Because of this, I have to have the store closed for now- basically it's not available to non-members of my site. I'm sorry. 

I don't know if she had an issue with the download or what happened.  I have tried to email her & as of right now, I have not received a reply. As far as I know, the kit download works. I tried to purchase the kit she bought myself to test it, but paypal payments are pending, so I can't really test it.  I don't know if she got the kit & just decided to do a chargeback 'just because' or if she actually had a problem with downloading the kit.  As far as I know, she got a kit for free & cluster-fucked the paypal & my store in the process.  

Anyway, I thought I should post this little 'notice' to let you all know what is going on with the shop & why you can't find any of my PTU  kits. 

I'm hoping by early next week I'll be able to have the shop open again. With paypal having 'pending' transactions, I don't want anyone purchasing a kit & definitely not being able to get the kit because of this mess. I would much rather wait for the dust to settle before making it available again. For your sake & sanity as well as mine.  I do hope you understand. 

But I must say this again before I publish this post- PLEASE email me if you ever have an issue with a kit download. Even if you end up sending an email to the paypal address... at least that's something. I don't know what is going on if you don't & it makes a huge mess like this as well. Please, just send a little email & say 'Hey, I want my kit'...  or something. Requesting a refund through paypal makes an unnecessary mess that could be avoided. 

Thank you for reading & understanding. 

I hope you all are staying safe & well. Take care! 


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READ Before You Purchase

The shop here has a NO REFUND Policy.
If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other), you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase.
Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer. I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

If there is an issue with a kit download, etc., please email me at [email protected] 
Thank you.

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The ATP forum is the only forum that may also receive previous/ retired PTU kits for freebies for their forum members ONLY.

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