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Another One (Unknown) Added To Wall Of Shame
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Original Post Date- 6/5/16, 2:38 AM Central Standard Time

First of all, for those of you who have
commented on my Wall Of Shame page or posts,
thank you for reading, your positive messages
& passing the information along.
I sincerely appreciate your support. =)

Last week I received a message in my
Facebook messages from a friend who alerted me
to a Russian site/ blog who is sharing my FTU kits.
I don't get on FB much these days,
so I didn't see this message until earlier tonight.

When I clicked the link provided,
I saw many of my FTU kits posted on this site
& items were posted individually out of their zipfiles
for anyone to just save what they wanted. >.<

Also, when looking to the left side of the page,
I saw there were links for other designers' kits
being shared in the same manner as well. >.<

You can see for yourselves by looking
on my proof below.

*Note: I am not including the web address to this site,
since I know there ARE people who would go there
only to 'steal' items for their own use & nothing more.

You should be able to click on these to get a
better/ bigger pic. ;)

Does seeing this piss me off? You Betcha! >.<

Words cannot describe the rage I'm feeling right now.
And I'm not pissed just because they're sharing my items, 
I'm pissed because this person has NO regards to anyone
At. All. 
& in turn is f*cking others over as well. >.<
Many of you who know me or have followed 
my blog, know I advocate for those who have been 
ripped off, pirated, etc.
Seeing this does not sit well with me at all. 
My 'faith' in the PSP community 
has been dangling by a very precious, fragile thread 
as it is & that frayed thread is about to break.
Unfortunately, at this time I won't be offering 
any more freebie kits. I'm very sorry to do this, 
but until I can figure out something I really have no choice. 
I love giving out kits & trying to make them reasonably 
big enough so a person can use them hopefully more 
than once or twice- since I know there are people
who love tagging but can't always afford to buy kits. 
I enjoy giving back to the community 
as much as I can, but when I have had my kits ripped 
by three different so-called 'designers',
been screwed over by a few who were on my CT team 
who only was there to get kits & then not work them, 
having tags ripped, etc. & now seeing this,
I seriously just want to throw in the towel & walk away. 
The only 'positive' thing I can see about this 
is that thankfully it's only my FTU kits this person 
is sharing- to my knowledge, thus far.
But again, it makes me reluctant to offer 
any free kits when I know they're getting shared illegally. 
It makes me feel bad for not wanting 
to give kits to you guys.
I feel like I'm punishing those of you 
who are smart enough to abide 
by a designers' TOU & respect those TOU. 
For now going forth, I will only be offering 
FTU cluster frames. 
They will have a TOU included with them.
Again, I apologise, but this will have 
to suffice until I can think of a way to 
make my FTU kits available without worrying 
about them being shared like this.
Thank you for reading this. 
And thank you even more for your understanding. =)
If you are a designer (I'll need proof, btw) that has read this 
& you've seen your name listed on the left 
in the screen grabs above, 
message me if you choose, for the link to the site.

Another One To Add To My 'Collection'....
Category: Past Notices

Original Post Date- 9/27/15, 4:55 PM Central Standard Time

First of all, please forgive me for any typos, etc.
I'm currently battling the illness of the century
with Jedi bacteria in the form of Bronchitis...
and for the past 18 hrs. have been a wee bit
'light-headed' to boot... =/

Anyway, onto the post:

Some people collect stamps, coins... tags.
Me? I collect pirates, thieves & the like
to add to my Wall Of Shame... apparently. >.<

I really hate blowing the whistle on these people.
And I really hate being their target.

BUT! It is what it is, I guess, which is why you
were probably sent here by one source or another to
read the latest & to be given the knowledge of
who to avoid in the tagging & kit designing
community. I thank you for stopping by. =)

The latest perpetrator is Angela Picard.
Some of you may know her by her 'generosity'
in the way of offering so many 'wonderful' FTU kits.
What you didn't know is that those kits contain
items she has stolen from other designers' kits-
basically taking their hard work & claiming as her own...
and to add more salt in the wounds-
she's demanding others 'respect' her hard work
& time she puts into these atrocities.

What I'm asking myself even now is what hard work?!?
The work of her posting on her Google+ account
or in Facebook groups asking for people
to send her free kits she can steal from?

Here's a few examples of her 'hard work':

Last Thursday night I'd seen her post her
'newest' Halloween kit in a freebies group on Facebook.
I thought it rude how she demanded
people respect her & demand they add her name to
anything they make with the kit....
and I was appalled that she ripped someone
for posting a comment in the form of a sticker
that said 'thank you'. Like, seriously?
Gratitude is gratitude. Be thankful they
even said thank you in one way or another. Pfft!

So I ranted on my own FB page about it &
went to work. While at work, I had a funny feeling
about her & decided just out of curiosity
to download her kits when I got home.
Funny thing is, her kits aren't available
for some of us:

But as I scrolled through her posts in one
freebie group, I did notice something-
At one time she took a kit from Tezza's Designs
& slapped her designer name on it to offer as her own kit:

Apparently she got busted for that, but still...
If it's one thing I've learned-
99.9% of the time if they have ripped a kit once,
they'll continue to do so.

So, I dug further into the group & saw she even
ripped from my 'Time 4 School' kit,
which I'd posted on my blog on Aug. 12 of last year.
*It has since been reposted on this blog here.
-Magik 11/07/2019

Her kit she advertised on Aug. 19- a whole whopping week later:

Yet she is claiming I stole from her...???
How is that possible, Watson?

Now look at her kit preview again:

Do you see those books on the left?
How about the alarm clock?
Here's a screen shot of my kit,
opened in a folder on my computer:

Keep in mind that my kit was posted on this blog
a full week before her kit.
...And there's a 50/50 chance those water-colours
came from my kit too:

On a side note... the books she took from my kit
came from here:

It's a grey-scaled template, meaning 'I' had to colour
the books that are in my kit...
Colours that are part of my colour palette
FOR that kit.

I'm not sure which offends me more-
her not leaving a 'thank you' for my kit
or her not respecting me by adding my
name to her creation? LMAO

Oh, and Angela has accused others
of ripping from her kits, which I find 'amusing':

And I'm betting she's still ripping from kits.
I have seen the kit previews & I recognize
stuff from other kits... so again-
and I can't preach this enough-
be PROACTIVE in looking at kits from
people like this.
Chances are, they're using your kits
to make their own.

Thank you for reading.
Feel free to share this post with everyone you can.
I'll be adding Angela to my Wall Of Shame as well. ;)


Just An FYI About Anna (aka Anna's Attic/ Starduste Designs) Pt. 2
Category: Past Notices

Original Post Date- 7/20/15, 5:36 PM Central Standard Time

If you've read my previous post
today about Anna Collaco,
you now know that she is trying to 
make another comeback.
As promised, I have the screenshots
of a conversation between two people-
one which is on her CT & the other, my source. 
Again, what you choose to do with this
information is up to you. I am 
simply informing those who would like to 
avoid taking any chances with Anna.
So here I give you the screenshots.
Feel free to share the blog posts or 
to simply inform if you choose.
Names & display pix have been blacked
out to protect my source & the person on 
Anna's CT:

Thank you again for reading. =)

...And thank you to my source for
giving me the screen shots & information. =)


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