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Just a head's up:

I've been cleaning house...and will continue to be cleaning house on the site here.

I had a lot of profiles on here going back to last year & early this year that have been inactive since joining. These are what I call 'phantom profiles' & I do occasionally start sweeping them. I have removed at least a dozen so far. This site does have a 'No Phantom Profiles' Policy.

I have other profiles to go through & determine whether to keep them or not, which I'll be doing ASAP. 

I have also seen a few profiles where the member has logged on (maybe to grab a special FTU kit for members only) & then logged off without a thank you, hi or anything.  Those profiles will be going soon as well. 

If you attempt to log in to the site & find you cannot get in, chances are that your profile was swept (deleted) due to inactivity. You can re-register to the site. However, you MUST be active on the site or you will get swept again. I have a three strikes & you're out policy here- if by the third attempt at membership here you are inactive, you will be swept a final time & be banned or blocked from joining in the future.

So, if you have to re-register, please make an attempt to be active on the site... even just a little bit- you know, say Hi at least. 

With that all being said, I bid you all a great afternoon....err night...err morning...err whatever. 

Thank you for reading. 


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