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FTU CU-Okay Sparkles
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Original Post Date- 10/7/13, 1:39 PM Central Standard Time

It's been a while since I posted any free CU stuff.
So, I have a set of sparkles I made a while back
when trying to make some sparkles for my own kits.
After making them, I thought they might
be a fun addition for others' kits.
Maybe... I'll leave that up to you. =P

The zipfile contains 1 PSD file
with 10 different sparkle layers
that you can use in your kits.

The ones in my preview are just coloured
so you can kind of see what they look like:

You can download the file here:
CU Sparkles

* Since my CU TOU are updated,
you MUST give credit to me
in your own TOU/ credit doc. in your kit(s)
when using any of these.

You do not need to specify which item(s),
just give the credit. Thank you in advance. =)

I hope you can find use for them &
have fun with them. =)



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