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MBM At HIM-Addicts Is Going Down


It's with a heavy heart I make this post. After over 10 years of having a site on the Spruz platform- from a HIM fan site to a PSP/ Tagger's getaway, I have to say good-bye to it.

Adobe made an announcement a few years ago that 2020 would be the EUL (end of life) for flash player after Dec. 31st, meaning that there will be no more updates, etc. for the browser extension. Google, Firefox, Opera & most all other browsers will no longer be supporting flash players after Dec. 31, 2020. This also means that many websites, website platforms, etc. that use flash in their applications either have to update to use altenative applications or coding or sunset ('death') of those sites or platforms.

The platform this site has been on since Apr. 24, 2010 & is currently on- Spruz 1.0- will be going offline- or sunseting. I had created an account on the new Spruz 2.0 platform a few months ago, but it's way different & many of the features or options I have here- such as a forum- is not available there, nor will my profile themes be available.

No activity on this site can be going on in order for me to have it migrated to the new platform, which is why this place has seemed 'dead'. I do want to have the site migrated there just to see if I can make it work, since I would like to save my blog posts & that will allow me to do so. With this migration process all members here should be moved over to the new site. Your photos & profiles should be saved, but I can't make a 100% guarantee on it. 

The other option I'm considering is going back to Ning where this site originally was back when it was a HIM site- before I rebuilt it here. The downfall is I have to rebuild the site from the ground up (again- like I did when I started my HIM site here), but I know they do have a forum there.. & I think my profile themes will also work there. The downfall is I would have to repost ALL of my blog posts.... at least 98% of them.

With that being said, it will be a while before I will have a shop open again as I research options, since neither platform currently have an option for an online digital store. Spruz 2.0 has a store option, but it looks to be for physical goods only atm. I had asked about them supporting a digital goods store option & was told they would possibly have that feature in October. So far, it's still not available as far as I can tell. So, for now, my shop is currenty closed & I won't be making any new kits until I have a new shop set up- I will be on hiatus with kits for a while. Looking into platforms for an online digital shop is something I'll work on once I get the site issue taken care of. 

I have spent the past few weeks working on backing up what I can from the forum here. Most other stuff from the site I have manually backed up... at least the important stuff,(which is something I'd been doing since mid-September), minus the blog. As I'd worked in the forum here (which was basically copying & pasting most main discussion posts into notepad files), I've closed up boards. I did this to control activity on the site here so when the time came to migrate to the new Spruz platform, I will be able to have that done, which will be happening as soon as I submit my request for it to be done.

I'll keep updates about the progress or any news on the fate of the 'new' Manipulated By Magik site, once I have the site successfully migrated to the new platform or if I'll be starting from scratch on Ning. Those blog posts will be on my blogger here: with details on the site address, etc.

With that being said, I have to post the following:

I want to thank everyone who has been with me over the years here at -for being here with me & putting up with me. From the HIM fans back in the early days of this site- some I've had memorable friendships with: Mo, Geeno, Crimson Newmoon, HrtShpBox, Angel Of Music, Luna, Steph, Tragedy, Jacintha Lynn, Bobo & all the others- Whether or not we are still friends are not, have kept in touch or not- Thank You for being here in the beginning & making the baby stages of this site memorable & fun. Never forget our random chat parties, party posts & the excitement of HIM news we'd all 'squee' about. Thank you again. You all have been awesome & amazing. 
*huge group hugz*

...And to the Taggers others in the PSP community who have found their way here- Gail, Mystic, Belinda, Xtenziv, Penny, and all others- including visitors who've stopped by- Thank You for being with me & showing support as I converted this site from a HIM fan spot to a Tagger's getaway. Thank you for the friendships & the support each day. I hope to see you all soon once I have this site back up running at it's new address- whatever that may be. lol
*huge group hugz*

Thank you again everyone for the amazing memories. I'll see you sometime in 2021. In the meantime, please- take care & stay safe. Have a most Wonderful, Safe, Healthy & Blessed New Year. May 2021 be a much better & memorable year for all of us. 

...And finally, Good-Bye 

Thank you for reading. 


Tagger Challenge Group- Members Only

Good Afternoon, MBM Members! 

In the past I had tried to get some challenges going in the Tagger Challenges Group on the site here, to no avail. 

One of the problems is that there really isn't much for members in there. The other problem is I wasn't happy about how I was posting the challenges err... what I was posting for challenges.

So, after much thought- for site members here & members of the group ONLY (yes, you'll have to join the group if you're already a member of the site)- I'm going to be posting challenges differently. Which means some of my old PTU kits that I've discontinued & not made FTU will be used for some of the challenges. 
Of course, if you're downloading the kit(s), I expect you to participate in the challenge(s). It's only fair, right? 

I'll also be posting other challenges with some of my current FTU kits, templates, etc. as time allows. 

After so many points earned (which I've yet to determine),
members of that group will get to pick a current PTU kit for free. 

So- if you're a member of the site, please please join. You can join the group here: Tagger Challenges. And only join the group if you plan on participating. If you're just joining to get free kits, that's not cool

And while I'm talking about tagger challenges, if you'd like to host a challenge, feel free to check out these boards to post your own challenge(s): Join Me (PSP Challenges). I thought it would be much more fun if you guys take a stab at hosting the challenges & I'd love to try them out as well. Trust me, I need some kind of motivation to make a tag these days. 

Thank you for reading. Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Forum Update: For Members

Hello! Hello! 

As I'd posted on the comment wall of the main page of the site, I've been working in the forum. A somewhat big task actually. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post here where hopefully you'll all see the updates I've made in the forum. I'm just going to post the categories & a brief description of those areas for you. Keep in mind, some of these areas are named after HIM songs.  Feel free to check out all the areas & make use/ have fun in the forum. 

Suggestions,Feedback, News- This area is exactly that. There's a board for you to post feedback or questions for me as well as a board for news pertaining (mostly) to the forum. Going forward any news for the forum will be posted there.  Some news for the site that is for members only may be posted there as well. 

Intros, Member Area- This area is the welcome area as well as boards for you all to introduce yourselves/ get to know each other. There will be some activities I'll be posting in this area as well which will help to break the ice, I hope.  Feel free to check it out. I'll be posting individual welcome threads for each of you soon. 

Ode To Solitude (Daily Boards)- These are our daily/ check in boards. I do have The Daily Clicks in this area, also. You can find a daily check in area- though right now I may not make this a 'daily' board until there's more activity here on the site.  I am also planning on starting up my old Question of the Day, etc. boards as well. 

Run Away from the Sun (Random Boards)- This area is just random talk as well as non-PSP games to try. 

Creative Cafe (Visitor Access)- This is the creative area for non-members to visit. My tutorials are in this area as well as a board for advertsing, freebie shares, etc. And yes, I know my tutorial posts are a bit messed up from the system glitch that happened back in Feb. This is something I have been working on/ fixing little by little. 

Creative Acres (Members Only)- This is the same as the above area, but for members of the site only. This area also has a board of previous PTU kits that I have for free for members only that I post at times and other stuff. 

Join Me (PSP Challenges)- This area is for PSP/ Tagger challenges. This is not to be confused with the Weekly Tagger Challenges group. This is a unique area since You- the members here- will be posting the challenges. 

For You (WWO/ Always Lists)- This area is exactly that- an area to show off your tags, post WWO Offers & Always Lists. I may post some offers at times as well.  There is also a board specifically for any AC tags you may have to post/ show off. 

There are some areas of the forum that are not visible except to me. These are Seasonal/ Holiday areas that will pop up at times.  I have a Halloween area & Christmas area, currently. I did have a Valentines Day area, but I had deleted it at one time & may re-create it at some point. 

The only other area of the forum is the Gone With the Sin boards which are a couple hidden boards since they're old HIM-themed threads/ discussions & one visible board for old/ closed threads. 

I'll continue to work on this area of the site as time allows. It really is a big project & I can only do so much at once.  Once I have the forum set up to what I consider 'acceptable', I'll be making a post in the Suggestions,Feedback, News  area for moderators to volunteer in the forum.

With that said, if you start to use the boards, you may notice that the 'rankings' of members are different/ weird- they're HIM themed (of course! ). In time I may change these or make a poll in the forum for input on this. 

Thank you for reading. Have a great day & enjoy the forum. 

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