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Just a head's up:

I've been cleaning house...and will continue to be cleaning house on the site here.

I had a lot of profiles on here going back to last year & early this year that have been inactive since joining. These are what I call 'phantom profiles' & I do occasionally start sweeping them. I have removed at least a dozen so far. This site does have a 'No Phantom Profiles' Policy.

I have other profiles to go through & determine whether to keep them or not, which I'll be doing ASAP. 

I have also seen a few profiles where the member has logged on (maybe to grab a special FTU kit for members only) & then logged off without a thank you, hi or anything.  Those profiles will be going soon as well. 

If you attempt to log in to the site & find you cannot get in, chances are that your profile was swept (deleted) due to inactivity. You can re-register to the site. However, you MUST be active on the site or you will get swept again. I have a three strikes & you're out policy here- if by the third attempt at membership here you are inactive, you will be swept a final time & be banned or blocked from joining in the future.

So, if you have to re-register, please make an attempt to be active on the site... even just a little bit- you know, say Hi at least. 

With that all being said, I bid you all a great afternoon....err night...err morning...err whatever. 

Thank you for reading. 

Some Info About The Site Here....
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After much thought, I decided maybe I should make this post. After having some people join & then not being active or abandoning the site completely, this post probably is necessary. 

So...before you join, please read this post.

First of all, this place is NOT like any typical 'Tagger Forum'. It is so much more than that. Think 'Myspace' & you'll be close to what this site is like. 

Here's a rundown:

1- For starters, you have your own profile page- like Facebook or myspace. You can fix it up how you like for the most part. Friends (or others, if you allow) can leave comments on your page (or wall). You can also add text boxes to showcase a few fave tags, pix or anything your heart desires. You can also add text in these boxes like who you have tube licenses from, etc. In a nutshell- you can pimp your profile here a bit.  These profile pages are not viewable to non-members. 

2- We have Private Messaging (or email, if you prefer) where you can send other members (or friends) private messages. 

3- We have a Wiki area...or a FAQ area, as I call it. Any questions you could possibly have about the site & how to do stuff should be listed in there. 10 years of work have gone into that area, so it should cover everything. 

4- We have a blog. Okay, so the blog is basically what I use & is set up for me to use (currently), but still. 

5- We have a forum. Yes! we have a forum just like all those forum motion sites out there ...except ours is a little more 'symplified' on using it... and we may have more boards & areas than the typical tagger forums.  We have special boards for like Halloween, Christmas, etc. Our boards cover everything for PSP to non-PSP discussions like games, non PSP 'challenges', etc. 

6- We have groups. Just like Facebook (& myspace) we have groups that I have made for members to join. Members can also create their own groups & invite or allow others to join. The groups don't have to be related to just PSP or tagging, either. And in those groups you can have discussions. Kind of like having a mini forum in your group. And each group has an 'activity feed. The groups can be made for members of the group only and you can add a shout box on the main page of the group. 

7- My shop. This is where my PTU kits are at. Non-members do not have access to my shop (you can thank Carole from Kansas City, Mo for that one!), only members...and they have an orders page to keep track of their purchases & can re-download at any time (as long as the kit is still in the shop). 

8- Pages. Yes, there's a lot of pages here. Some are the 'About', Terms Of Membership' pages. Others are the Freebies pages that anyone can visit to be taken to direct posts of various freebies. Also my 'Wall Of Shame' is also on a page. 

9- Links. We have a links area for other blogs, stores, forums, etc. It's not a complete link list, but there are some there. 

10-  This site tracks activity. You can see who posted what & where on the main page. The main page also has a main shout box/ comment wall to give shout-outs or whatever to anyone (including visitors). 

There are some special challenges I post that may include members getting some of my discontinued PTU kits for free (kits I have NOT made FTU) as long as they participate in the challenge. And they may earn points to get one of my PTU kits of choice for free if completing those challenges. Basically, there are perks to being a member here.  But don't be joining just to be getting kits without participating. That won't be tolerated since I see it as 'theft' of sorts. 

BUT! Again- Before you join, you should have an idea what kind of site this is first. If you love(d) Myspace.. or any social network type of sites, then this something you might enjoy. It's a site where you can be more 'yourself' & express yourself a little bit more. If you just want to be part of a forum, then maybe this site might not be for you. 

A final note- I don't require a lot of activity here... but I do hope if you join you at least stop in at times & participate at times. 

With that being said, I hope I have given you a little bit of a head's up about what you may be getting into if you join. If you wish to be a part of a 'community' on a social networking platform, we welcome you.  If you are just joining out of curiosity or to try to get some free kits for nothing, then you probably shouldn't try to join, since over 10 years' experience has shown me that you won't come back.

Thank you for reading. 

Don't Be A Carol
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Greetings & good evening. 

First of all, I know this site isn't perfect. I don't think any site, or online shop is. There's bound to be quirks & hiccups sometimes.  This site isn't any different. 

Every time I add a kit to my shop, I double & triple check that the downloads are there. Many times I also buy my own kits to make sure everything is working as it should & if there is an issue, I look for the problem & fix it.  Sometimes it is a glitch when I add the kit & I just need to reupload the kit... other times it is simply a hiccup through the platform, internet connection or stuff of that sort.  I have had my fair share of buying CU scripts, kits, etc & have had it happen to me.

Occasionally- for who knows what reason- a glitch or hiccup happens when purchasing a kit- sometimes it's on my end through the server this site is on (which I can't control since I'm not the platform developer), sometimes it's on your end- a small interruption that isn't noticed in your connection to the internet. When those little glitches or hiccups happen, it might screw up you getting your download if you purchase a kit.  However....

If you buy a kit &- for some reason- the download link isn't showing up, PLEASE, please just email me at [email protected] to let me know. I have this stated through-out the site here, as well as in the information of the descriptions of each & every kit. I cannot stress this enough. 

There's 2 reason's I ask you to do this: #1- I will send the kit to you- so you are guaranteed to get your kit no matter what & I always send my newest kit along as a freebie for the headache involved.   I do my best & pride myself & making things right with anyone who buys a kit from me & has an issue. What kind of person would I be if I didn't? And #2- you letting me know you had an issue allows me to go back & see what the issue is & see if it is something that needs fixed. 

Well, unfortunately, a person bought a kit from me & instead of emailing me, she did a refund/ chargeback on the kit which has screwed up the paypal account.  Because of this, I have to have the store closed for now- basically it's not available to non-members of my site. I'm sorry. 

I don't know if she had an issue with the download or what happened.  I have tried to email her & as of right now, I have not received a reply. As far as I know, the kit download works. I tried to purchase the kit she bought myself to test it, but paypal payments are pending, so I can't really test it.  I don't know if she got the kit & just decided to do a chargeback 'just because' or if she actually had a problem with downloading the kit.  As far as I know, she got a kit for free & cluster-fucked the paypal & my store in the process.  

Anyway, I thought I should post this little 'notice' to let you all know what is going on with the shop & why you can't find any of my PTU  kits. 

I'm hoping by early next week I'll be able to have the shop open again. With paypal having 'pending' transactions, I don't want anyone purchasing a kit & definitely not being able to get the kit because of this mess. I would much rather wait for the dust to settle before making it available again. For your sake & sanity as well as mine.  I do hope you understand. 

But I must say this again before I publish this post- PLEASE email me if you ever have an issue with a kit download. Even if you end up sending an email to the paypal address... at least that's something. I don't know what is going on if you don't & it makes a huge mess like this as well. Please, just send a little email & say 'Hey, I want my kit'...  or something. Requesting a refund through paypal makes an unnecessary mess that could be avoided. 

Thank you for reading & understanding. 

I hope you all are staying safe & well. Take care! 


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