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Good (late) evening. 

I have spent most of today (with some breaks here & there) re-doing my shop- which is basically editing information a tiny bit on each of the kits & bundles as well as changing some stuff on the site here & there.

These changes were needed since I have decided that the shop is only going to be available for members only to make purchases. ...And in order to make that happen, I also had to reset the site to allow you & others to join the site if you wish to purchase any of my kits.  Of course, that also meant I had to change some other stuff on this site as well. 

Anyway, I'm making this post to let you know that you can join the site again... and if you want to purchase any of my kits, you'll need to join the site in order to have access to the shop. If you do join to purchase kits, don't worry- you don't need to be an active member on this site, if you don't want to be. 

But before you go heading for that registration page, please read the rest of this post. It has some information that you should read to help you out... Trust me. The following info is valuable- with over 10 years experience with this platform, the first bit of information is priceless. 

So, here's the first bit of information- the real priceless bit:
After you register for memberhip on the site, check your email for a confirmation email from this site.
This email might get delivered into your junk or spam folder. The email should say its coming from Spruz (or Manipulated By Magik- I'm not sure at this point anymore ) and the subject line should say 'Confirm your email for Spruz- Manipulated By Magik' or at least something very close to that. In any case, it's going to be a confirmation email. Please open it & click on the link to log into the site, or basically follow the directions given in the email. This is important if you want to even be able to log in to the site at anytime in the future. 

If I see that you haven't confirmed your email, chances are I won't approve your membership- meaning you'll be stuck in 'Pending Purgatory' (as I call it) until the email is confirmed or your membership can/ will be declined. So please, make sure you do this.  I can't approve you without that email confirmation, since you won't have access to the site- at all. Seriously. 

The other bit of handy-dandy information I'm going to give you is when your filing out the registration details. This bit is to help me know who you are as far as membership goes- if you'll be an active member or one who stops by on occasion to buy a kit. 

When filling out your registration, there are some areas that are required to be filled out aside from the usual email address & password, etc. These areas will be asking you if you're a tagger, snagger, kit purchaser, etc. If you only plan on having an account to purchase kits, please mark this as a kit purchaser. Another question is the 'Here For' question. Again, this is going to ask if your here because you're a fan, tagging, snagging, kit purchases, etc. And again, mark that as kit purchases if you are just going to be stopping by to grab a kit. 

I logged into my backup account to grab a screen shot of what it will 'kind of' look like. Since my backup account is already registered since way back when, I can't be sure if the page will be exact, but it should be somewhat like this (Click for bigger):

The areas that have yellow around them are those important questions. This is to keep your profile from getting swept from inactivity, since I will sweep inactive profiles who are not kit purchasers

This is what those fields should look like before you submit your registration:

And a little hint about that 'Here For' field. I do look at that one closely. Any curiosity seekers are usually declined membership, because most times those are spam accounts or lurker accounts... and I don't allow or tolerate either. 

With that being said, please allow me time to review your registration request & accept your membership. I do work overnights on Thurs & Friday nights, every-other weekend as well as sometimes picking up a shift as needed. I will get to your membership application as soon as I possibly can. 

Anyway, I think I have everything posted here that should be posted. I hope.  I have given you the information you need to sign up for membership to the site, so I hope to see you here soon. 

Thank you for reading. 

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READ Before You Purchase

The shop here has a NO REFUND Policy.
If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other), you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase.
Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer. I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

If there is an issue with a kit download, etc., please email me at [email protected] 
Thank you.

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*Please note: Artisitc Tag Passions is the only forum that I also grant permission for them to use any of my PTU kits as a gift or prize for up to 3 members per kit. 

The ATP forum is the only forum that may also receive previous/ retired PTU kits for freebies for their forum members ONLY.

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