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Wall Of Shame Post- Jenny's Designz
Category: Past Notices

Original Post Date- 3/15/14, 11:52 PM Central Standard Time

Unless you've been living under a rock the past year,
you are probably aware of 2 past issues I've had
with Jenny's Designz (aka Jenny Pierce)
ripping from my FTU Pink'd kit
to make kits of her own.
The other night I found yet another (gasp!) 
kit of hers where she ripped from my kit again.
Again? you ask. Yes, again. *sigh*
Now at first I thought maybe she just
made the one kit FTU & posted on her blog.
Nope. That isn't the case. >.<

The name of the first kit from Jenny was Burlesque Gurl.
The second kit I found my items in was named
Linda's Emo Music- a kit I had to BUY to see
if my items were in it like I'd seen on a CT tag.
Mind, I was never reimbursed for that blastin' kit.

No, this third kit has a different name- Emo Bad Gurl,
which you can find in a list of links, here.
(UPDATE- Jenny has removed the post &
her C-box from her blog).
I encourage you download the kit, open my Pink'd kit
& compare the items. Then, click on the properties of
the similar items & look at the creation dates.
The creation date is June 18, 2012 on both.

When I made the Pink'd kit originally, it was on that date.
It WAS a PTU kit & had gone into the ART store on
20, June 2012, as you can see on this post.
I made the kit FTU in Apr. of last year. See here.
*Since my blog is closed, that FTU post
has been reposted here. -Magik 11/06/2019

Now, on a side note, the creation date of her preview 
for this kit is ‎Thursday, ‎May ‎02, ‎2013... 
so how in the HELL can she have items 
dating back older than that creation date?
You know what, while you're looking at the 
properties of her elements, are you noticing 
that other items have an older creation date?
This is because she is RIPPING everyone's kits!!!
At this point I can't even say if I'm mad,
frustrated, or what. I really don't know.
BUT! I am considering making a tally on my blog
of just how many kits she's made with items
from my Pink'd kit in it. 
I swear she LOVES using that kit. =/
And I also know this- if she has downloaded 
ANY of my Commercial Use items from my blog,
her license to use them is REVOKED.
Yes, Jenny that means you need to delete ANYTHING
you have gotten from my blog.
You do NOT have permission to use anything from me.
Once a thief, always a thief.
As for those of you who wish to
continue supporting her- just... why?
And one last thing...
Yes, I'm going to continue to watch her.
Yes, I'll keep calling her out on her ripping kits. 
Maybe one day we can all hope she'll actually stop.


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